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Listing Expires : 3rd July 2016

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Revenue is from selling products and ad spaces. We are monetizing it with Google Adsense and infolinks also but that is nominal


We can provide google analytics verified report also

Description is an awesome website with a great income potential.
Business Model:

Ecommerce + Content

The best thing about this site is we provide health tips and articles so visitor trust us while placing order on FAH Store

What Monetization Method We Use:

Currently we are generating major income from selling Health supplements and Ad Spaces but other methods we are using are- google adsense and Infolinks. 80-85% of the income is from Ecommerce only.

Future Opportunities:

There are plenty of opportunities for a website getting sufficient traffic (It's not traffic but the visitors convert into customers and we are high in conversion ). You can try additional forms of monetization like Affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate, Click bank affiliate, Taboola, selling ads via BuySellAds

I have done only a little SEO, and I think search traffic would increase a great deal if the buyer knew how to get the site to rank better in google.

P/S: Getting more traffic and sales for this website is simple, using the various social media accounts, especially Facebook and Twitter, create paid advertising campaigns tailored to the parent audience and watch the sales come in. This niche is tried and true for social media marketing and with the ever growing parent market, there will always be customers.


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