$249/month Potential Revenue Awesome Amazon Affiliate MegaStore - Killer Design


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Site generates revenue by Amazon affiliate


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$249/month Potential Revenue Awesome Amazon Affiliate MegaStore - Killer Design

Amazing High Converting Ecommerce Amazon Affiliates Megastore with 100's of products and articles for passive income. 100% Newbie Friendly. Cutting-edge design site.

★★★ Amazon Affiliates Program - Top Selling eCommerce Store ★★★

Check out the stunning live demo and see how awesome and easy this is!

Kindly visit the website directly to see how it actually looks and its functions or pages.

The preview through Flippa does not display it correctly. Thanks!

★ NEW - 2015 Google Certified Mobile Ready Website ★

Check here: Google.com Webmasters Mobile Friendly Site Test

This website is mobile and tablet friendly. The layout will automatically change to fit different screen sizes

If you are looking for an online business with which you can earn a fantastic income with little experience then this website is ideal for you.

This is an affiliate store niche website. You can make money from the following affiliates: Amazon, Clickbank, Adsense and more.

Great starter site and very easy to operate - documentation and support included.

If you are looking for an online business with which you can earn a fantastic income with little experience then this website is ideal for you.




· Professional and modern website design

· Responsive website design. Mobile and tablet friendly. The will automatically change to fit different screen sizes!

· Website already populated with content

· Populated with products and articles. You can easily add more content, products and videos to the website. No coding knowledge is required.

· Blog ready - all ready for you to blog

· Adsense & other affiliate ads easily managed from the admin panel

· Assistance in updating affiliate ads if you use our website installation service

· Newsletter sign up - Let your visitors subscribe to your site

· Pre-installed Contact Form

· Social bookmarks - Let your visitors save and share your website.

· User friendly and search engine friendly navigation

· Integrated Google XML SiteMap. A compatible sitemap of your blog which is supported by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.

· SEO friendly urls. The urls and keywords for each page have been optimized in order to target the keywords to get a better ranking.

· Flexibility: The ability to add additional sources of revenue. You can add more banner and google adsense or other ad space throughout the website. You can also add additional categories & pages.

· Free technical support as long as you BIN


Bid with total confidence from a high-level 100% feedback seller!



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★★★ Auction Description

We’ve all seen how passionate and obsessed people get when it comes to their online shopping for items they desperately wanna a have!

How profitable would it be to have your own niche store combining the selling power behind the biggest names and designers in this multi-million industry…?

Grab your chance to get in on this new, super profitable Done For You niche e-commerce portal site... high-valued due to its design and working tech that make it one of the best available.

The products in the hugely searched and popular niche sell like hotcakes and the niche is more than big enough to provide ample profit opportunities for everyone.

As you know Amazon is one of the easiest ways to make commissions. Once you make your first $1 you'll be hooked and there's nothing more exciting than watching your passive income grow each month thanks to adding quality content to your affiliate site.

This is stocked with the Newest and Highest converting products on this specific niche.

Bottom line...for a niche to be really profitable, the market has to have either an irrational passion for it, or be a 'way of life' type deal.

Now you can grab a piece of the action with your own fully developed, Affiliate Portal store.

★★★ Technical Details

Website is designed and built in a professional premium theme in a unique version with a custom logo, and is 100% responsive in all devices: desktop, mobile and ipad ready. Written in valid HTML5 code to meet the best SEO practices and 100% compatible with all market leading plugins.

Website is also packed and configured with the most advanced and up to date plugins to cover all the major aspects of what an authority niche site should be: Security, SEO, Social Signs, Backlinking and User engagement.

Theme and plugins documentation as well as some tutorial videos can be included for further development.

*** Kindly visit the website directly to see how it actually looks and functions. The preview through Flippa does not display it correctly. Thanks! ***

★★★ Revenue Sources


The Amazon Associates program is one of the most trusted and favored affiliate programs. Our uniquely designed websites carry a huge amount of inventory and every product has a link containing your affiliate ID. Amazon can then track every visit and sale from your website. So when a visitor clicks on a product on your website and enters Amazon a commission of that sale will be yours.

Not only that, EVERY sale that visitor makes while online with Amazon will go under your link, until they check out.

Adsense or CPA Banner Ads

Adsense is a fantastic monetization method and it’s really easy to make money with adsense.

Placing a banner or a text link to a niche related product will get you between 50% to 75% commission share of the main product price for each item bought from your affiliate link.

Related Ebook Affiliates

Offering an ebook related to the subject of the website will give you the possibility to build a buyers list through a newsletter or an auto-responder email swipes.

★★★ Support & After sale service

The winner of this auction will receive the following:
Keyword related domain name
The custom logo and the full website (graphics and databases included)
Migration and Installation on your server
Transfer of the domain name from our domain registrar account to yours.

Change of the affiliate links throughout the site or explained how-to do it.

Free hosting if needed. If you need a reliable hosting provider to host your new business we can recommend one and give you a supplementary premium custom site for free if you use our affiliate link.

★★★ Testimonials from our loyal customers:

"I'm definitely looking to purchase more. Great Service!!"

" Expectional Customer Service, Fulfilled My Request. Answered All Of My Questions.Buy With Confidence.Satisfied With Purchase.Will Buy Again and Again."

"Really great seller! He helped me (I'm a newbie to this) a lot and always responded to my after sales questions. 1A !"

"The transaction went well and Fernando is very helpful his advise is invaluable. I would recommend Fernando to anyone who's a newbie to running a website. I would buy again from Fernando."

"The seller of this web property was more than helpful in setting everything up for me after the payment. I'm sure to do business again with you, thanks!!"

"Amazingly patient seller, clears up any misunderstandings, Have patient for him to respond, because he is 8hours ahead of America, he will hold your hand through all the many steps needed to finish"

★★★ Included Bonus

Wordpress Course + Amazon Course a $397 value):

EXCLUSIVE EBooks and Tutorials(a $297 value):

How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

How to Promote Your Store With Pinterest

How to Make Pinterest Work for You

3 Ways to Use Google+ to Increase Your Search Rankings

How to Promote on Twitter

How to Promote Your Store With Tumblr

Social Media SEO Resources to Improve Your Search Ranking

+ More!


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